Loose leaf organic Japan sencha green tea in a solid circle
Loose leaf organic Japan sencha Akaike green tea scattered loosely
Brewed Japan sencha Akaike green tea in a white tea cup and saucer, looking from above

Organic Japan Sencha Akaike - Loose Leaf Tea

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Ingredients: Premium Organic Japanese green tea
Tea(s) origin: JAPAN
Region(s): Kagoshima Prefecture
Grade: Sencha
Taste: A beautiful medium bodied Sencha. Fresh sweet grass, subtle vegetative tones
Brew colour: Avocado
Green tea is a very popular drink consumed everywhere.  
In the world of superfoods (things that are really really good for you), there aren't many that taste as good as this decadent, slightly rich Japanese Akaike Sencha. (Truly, compared to the onion tonic my wife force fed me a few years ago when I had a slight snuffle).
Tea comes in compostable, Earth Bag packaging. Simply remove the tin tie prior. Labels by Print together.

$8.95 DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. Sold separately.



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Coffee tin with degassing valve
Tammy Shearer (Cessnock, AU)
Product pics

Love the packaging and storage tin

Roasted & Ready
Tammy Shearer (Sydney, AU)
First Order

I purchased some coffee beans from the supermarket to try in a new coffee machine, unfortunately they were tasteless. I ordered the smooth baby blend and the single origin blend. I love lattes and Chanel recommended the smooth baby, what a great choice. No comparison to the bland supermarket product I purchased.
Love the personal touch to my order. Highly recommend and will be purchasing again. Might even try a tea next time 😁 thanks Mitch and Chanel

In an Eco-Bag - Pre-Paid
Mitch O'Neill (Sydney, AU)
Amazing Coffee Amazing Service

Can't reccomend this coffee enough! We ordered Kind Earth's Blend. It arrived quickly and on time. It came in a great Enviro bag with a nice card. The only thing that trumped that was the taste! Their blend was amazing, one of the best coffee beans I've had. Ordering my next batch right now:)
Thanks so much Mitch and Chanel!!

Roasted & Ready
Amanda (Sydney, AU)
Thanks for the referral Oxleys

Loved the Bolivia blend.
Will be buying again.
Fast delivery too!

Very pepperminty

This is my go to tea for digestion and period pain, it's so lovely and minty and with a very smooth finish, not bitter at the back end like some other peppermint teas.