Smooth Baby - The Ultimate House Blend

Smooth baby blend coffee in compostable packaging on kitchen bench

Don't like change? Just want a great coffee that is consistent without any fuss? Not worried if it tastes like peach, peanut butter or pretzels? A coffee that just tastes

Behold Smooth Baby - Seasonal! The Ultimate House blend. Organic coffee at origin. 

Columbia 'Excelso', Guatemala 'Finca Ceylan', Honduras 'La Labor' & Ethiopian 'Limu'

As the name states, it's smooth baby! It is rich like Warren Buffett, bold like Amelia Earhart and full bodied like Chubby Checker.

Tastes like : Smooth caramel, fine dark chocolate, toasted pecan, warm spice and a touch of floral brightness.

Great as espresso, milk based or filter coffee.

Available Roasted & Ready & Roasted to Order.

Delivery Dates 

These come as Whole beans. Ground is available for 250g & 500g only. If you require ground, please add to your notes/comments at Checkout what device you would like it ground for. E.g. Espresso, AeroPress, Stovetop, Chemex or Plunger etc.