Smooth Baby - The Ultimate House Blend

Smooth baby blend coffee in compostable packaging on kitchen bench

Don't like change? Just want a great coffee that is consistent without any fuss? Not worried if it tastes like peach, peanut butter or pretzels? A coffee that just tastes

Behold Smooth Baby - Seasonal! The Ultimate House blend. Organic coffee at origin. 

Columbia 'Excelso', Guatemala 'Finca Ceylan', Honduras 'La Labor' & Ethiopian 'Limu'

As the name states, it's smooth baby! It is rich like Warren Buffett, bold like Amelia Earhart and full bodied like Chubby Checker.

Tastes like : Smooth caramel, fine dark chocolate, toasted pecan, warm spice and a touch of floral brightness.

Great as espresso, milk based or filter coffee.

Available Roasted & Ready & Roasted to Order.

Delivery Dates 2021

These come as Whole beans. Ground is available for 250g & 500g only. If you require ground, please add to your notes/comments at Checkout what device you would like it ground for. E.g. Espresso, AeroPress, Stovetop, Chemex or Plunger etc.

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In an Eco-Bag - Pre-Paid
Mitch O'Neill (Sydney, AU)
Amazing Coffee Amazing Service

Can't reccomend this coffee enough! We ordered Kind Earth's Blend. It arrived quickly and on time. It came in a great Enviro bag with a nice card. The only thing that trumped that was the taste! Their blend was amazing, one of the best coffee beans I've had. Ordering my next batch right now:)
Thanks so much Mitch and Chanel!!

Roasted & Ready
Amanda (Sydney, AU)
Thanks for the referral Oxleys

Loved the Bolivia blend.
Will be buying again.
Fast delivery too!

Very pepperminty

This is my go to tea for digestion and period pain, it's so lovely and minty and with a very smooth finish, not bitter at the back end like some other peppermint teas.

Organic Lemongrass & Ginger- Loose Leaf Tea
Nadia Te Rangi (Sydney, AU)
Zingy and light

A lovely tea with just a little zing, great for when you want to recharge a bit and go again

In an Eco-Bag - Pre-Paid
Stu (Sydney, AU)
Great coffee

Kind Earth coffee is a great way to start the day. The coffee is excellent and lives up to its name. I also really like the eco friendly packaging that can go straight to the compost. Well done team.