About us

Chanel Mitch preparing a V60 coffee

Hailing from the Hunter Valley NSW, Kind Earth Coffee began its journey officially in 2018. We are Mitch & Chanel. 

Chanel is our E.C.O - Executive Coffee Officer - She handles deliveries, social media, packing, admin and everything in between. She is very busy.


In Chanel's words :

Tell us a bit about your background: I worked as a Dental Assistant for about 9 years before venturing into Kind Earth Coffee.

Fun fact: My nostrils flare when I laugh. The harder I try not to laugh, the more they wiggle. It's the worst!


Mitch - C.C.O - Chief Coffee Officer - He selects what coffee to roast, how to roast it, creates the blends, tastes a lot of coffee (for quality control of course).

Tell us a bit about your background: I have worked in many libraries over the years and love to research ... well anything, but particularly etymology. I actually enjoy it.

My roasting days began about 10 years ago with a portable stove, a fry pan, wooden spoon and colander to cool the beans in my efforts to save cash.

Fun Fact: Love to create songs from every day events like leaving hair in the sink, brushing teeth etc. Consider myself a paronomasiac - dad joke central. 


Our mission: 

Tiny footprint. Big taste.

We seek coffee & tea that pays respect to the people and planet that it comes from. 

How do we achieve this?

  • Organic coffee where possible
  • Knowing the origin
  • The people and communities growing the coffee / tea are supported
  • Sustainable packaging

Kind to people. Kind to the earth.

Kind Earth Coffee

Contact : hello@kindearthcoffee.com.au