Kind Earth Coffee tin can canister with one way degassing valve

Coffee tin with degassing valve

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As an avid fan of fine coffee, you're going to want your coffee as fresh as the Prince of Bel-Air (or milk). These eco-friendly, recycable food grade tin cans come with a degassing valve.

Created by us here at Kind Earth Coffee they:

  • Let the CO2 out (let that coffee enemy free!)
  • Prolong the coffee's shelf life
  • Keep the coffee fresh and moorish.

Available in the 3 sizes capable of holding 250g, 500g or 1kg.

Why tin cans? 

Know your enemy - 

These tins will keep out air, moisture, light & let out CO2. Keep it away from heat sources and you've created the ideal environment for SNAC (sensitive new age coffee). Your taste buds and your coffee deserve it.

Environmentally sustainable - 

In the move toward a circular economy - you'll be happy to know that tinplate is 100% recyclable. This makes steel the most environmentally friendly packaging available today.

Being 100% recyclable, the materials lifecycle is almost infinite without compromise on the earth or the products quality.

Easy cleaning - 

Clean with a warm, damp paper towel. Avoid dampening the valve which is located on the lid. If valve becomes damp, please use one of the replacement valves that come with purchase. Please dry thoroughly the tin can before storing coffee. Any moisture in the can will degrade the coffee flavour. Dishwashers are not recommended. 

$8.95 DELIVERY AUSTRALIA WIDE. Sold separately.

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Tammy Shearer (Cessnock, AU)
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Love the packaging and storage tin